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ALCESTE: A play with music by G.F HandelBased on The Alceste by EuripidesIn, a translation by Ted Hughes, with additional texts by Sylvia Plath and Sybil Roberts.

Concept and Direction by Timothy Nelson

Dramaturgy by Sybil Roberts and Matre Andia Grant

Artistic Painting by Ingrid Matthews

Mask Design by Ksenya Litvak

Costume Design by Maribeth Diggle

Lighting Design by Paul Callahan

Musical Assistance by Emily Baltzer

Stage Management by Paige Washington

Alceste - Michelle Rogers, Admetos - KenYatta Rogers, Hercules - Maribeth Diggle, Chorus - Dawna Rae Warren, Janna Critz, Oliver Mercer, Rob McGinness.

INnovātiō Orchestra: Timothy Nelson, Organ - Emily Baltzer, Harpsichord - Risa Browder, Angela Chew, Violin - Asa Zimmerman, Violin II, John Moran - Viola/Violin III,  Stephen Moran, Cello - David Dickey, Cello - Sarah Weiner, Oboe

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