We couldn't do it without you!

We deeply appreciate the generosity of the following foundations and individuals who have made possible the construction of INvision: The Logan OPERAhouse Without Walls.

Walter Romanek and Nancy E. Miller
The Savada-Stevenson Family
Dan and Gloria Logan
Sven Kraemer and Carla Hübner
Kathryn and Ira Bartfield
John Fitzgerald
Clare Wolfowitz
Charles and Norma Nelson
Cecil Richardson, in memoriam
Cary C. Fuller
Brenda A. Pommerenke and Larry George
The Billy Rose Foundation
Billie Kay & Thomas Horst
The Eugene M. Lang Foundation
Nancy D. Bearss
Mary H. Knox
Mary Bird
Larz Pearson and Rick Trevino
Larry and Graciela Huffman
Kay Kendall
Kathleen D. Vickland
Jack and Stephanie Ventura
Judith A. Johnson
Dava Berkman
Cynthia Wolloch and Joseph Reid, Jr.
Burton Gerber