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What names come to mind when you think of German Romantic composers? Schumann? Mendelssohn? Schubert? If you mean Robert, Felix, and Franz, you may want to think again.

​In German Romantics, The Pleiades Project presents three miniseries based on the Lieder of German Romantic composers Clara Schumann, Louise Reichardt, and Fanny Mendelssohn. For our first installment, join us for German Romantics: Clara, where we follow our protagonist as she reconciles with the end of a relationship. Through her vibrant fantasies, she considers the good, the bad, and the romantic in life.

The Pleiades Project is challenging how we define the “German Romantics” by insisting that we not forget the women.

The Pleiades Project| German Romantics: Clara

The Pleiades Project - German Romantics: Clara Ep.1 Er ist Gekommen, The Pleiades Project - German Romantics: Clara Ep.2 Warum willst du and re fragen, The Pleiades Project - German Romantics: Clara Ep.3 Liebst du um Schonheit

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