The Pleiades Project| German Romantics: Louise

Art Song, Classic, Lieder, Women's Voices
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The second installment of The Pleiades Project's German Romantics series features the Lieder of composer, pianist, teacher, and conductor Louise Reichardt (1779-1826). The well-educated daughter of professional musicians, Reichardt crafted an independent lifestyle and freelance career for herself, not unlike what is required of musicians and performers in today's classical music world. Featuring Baltimore-based soprano Hannah Alexandra, pianists Marina Iwao and Eric Sedgwick, and director of photography Elizabeth Van Os, German Romantics: Louise tells the fascinating biographical tale of Reichardt's life: how she overcame loss to successfully build a musical career supported by her many talents. Set to Reichardt's poignant and sensitive songs and with original dialogue by director Caroline Miller, German Romantics: Louise brings an often overlooked and underappreciated composer and her music to life, inspiring a new generation to reimagine the creative contributions of yet another remarkable nineteenth-century woman composer.


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