PREMIERE: In Loving Color: Blackness in Thought, Poem, and Song - Kristin Young In Recital

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IN the latest release in the INVISION recital series, soprano Kristin Young explores spirituality, self love, and Blackness in her program "In Loving Color: Blackness in Thought, Poem, and Song." Of this concert of 20th century compositions featuring Black composers and lyricists, Kristin shares "We often hear that we should 'love ourselves.' What does that mean? How do we figure out whether we’re successfully doing so? At the beginning of 2020, in the midst of a quest to understand self love, I was granted the opportunity to truly spend time with quarantine. Over the course of the past year, I discovered that self love means finding patience and being gracious with myself when patience is difficult to access; dressing up and luxuriating in decadent meals; loving my dark skin and thick, 4C hair; appreciating lessons learned and knowing when the lesson is over; and exploring and deepening my spiritual practice. It also means spending time with and listening to the people who have helped form who I am and who inspire me. Loving myself means loving and living colorfully."

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