The Gonzales Cantata

Comedy, political drama, New Work
Run Time:

Just in time for the election, a docu-opera of Melissa Dunphy’s brilliant setting of the transcripts from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’s 2005 congressional hearings into the style of Handelian oratorio is art as satire – at turns funny, charming, moving, and always convicting. This new INVISION production features the premiere of a unique organ transcription by the composer as well as a special collaboration with the Capital City Symphony.

Directed by Corinne Hayes
Music Direction/Organ by Michael Lodico
Audio Editing by Joe Haughton
Film Editing by Adam Grannick

Julie Bosworth / Grassley
Kelly Curtin / Leahy
Joe Haughton / Feinstein
Noelle McMurtry / Cardin
Caroline Miller / Spector
Elizabeth Smith / Sessions
Cara Schaefer / Hatch
Melissa Wimbish / Gonzales

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