Acis and Galatea

Classic, Drama,
Run Time:

Acis + Galatea
by GF Handel
filmed at the Baltimore Theatre Project

Stage Direction, Timothy Nelson
Music Direction, Adam Pearl and Timothy Nelson
Design by Kel Millione
Ignoti Dei Orchestra

Acis the mime, Aaron Sheehan
Galatea the trapeze girl, Rebecca Duren
Polyphemus the sad clown, Sumner Thompson
Damon the ringmaster, Tony Boutee
Coridon the dancing bear, Kristen Dubenion-Smith

Amidst the hum and drum of a post-modernity, a traveling troupe of singing circus folk gather to perform for you the story of "Acis and Galatea," an ancient tale that has been passed down among untold generations of street performers.  The story of "Acis and Galatea" is the classic tale of boy meets girl, boy gets girl, one-eyed monster crushes boy with rock, and boy turns into fountain.   This ground-breaking production turns the theatre into a circus tent, reknowned singers into mimes, trapeze girls, clows, and even a dancing bear, and turns traditional opera on its head.

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